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Hello, I am Ranim.

Founder and lead designer of Ranim Mortada Interior Design.

If you have reached this section of my website, I assume that you are in search of someone to help you create an interior space. It may be a home, an office, a restaurant, an idea that you have been trying to conceptualize.

This digital encounter may also mean that you are hoping to connect with someone to share your interior vision and help you execute it. It is not a small decision and it is personal. Interior design is personal. Designing your space is about you. It is about your vision, it is a reflection of you. You have heard this saying before and it holds true.

You may have many questions, like where to start? How does it work? Get in touch and I am always very happy to chat and explain the interior design process

Allow me to introduce myself and on what basis we can connect.

I am a UK-qualified interior designer with a degree from the Inchbald School of Design
A former investment banker.
A wife and a mother.
A business owner
I am Lebanese and have lived in 7 countries. Dubai has been my home for 12 years.

I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, and English.
I speak design and art and creation and beauty and life.

I speak Life.

Passionate about creating spaces and experiences.

I design because I love it. All of it. My approach to work is professional, responsible, and pragmatic. Love mixing high-end design with “little affordable finds that spark Joy”.

I value comfort. Your definition of luxury is my definition of luxury. What is your luxury? I want to know. I appreciate beautiful experiences and I want to create them for you in your interior.

Forever in search of that perfect moment of beauty and ease. That ray of light streaming through a curtain sheer. I try to be mindful of it.

In love with the functional aspect of spaces. I don’t want the non-functional and non-practical to hide the beauty. That’s simply bad design.

Being unique and original is very important to me. Continuously creating and curating.

Wanting to tell a story. I want us to narrate your personal story together. I am an amalgamation of a lifetime of experiences, encounters, cultures, education, travels…This is the essence that I tap into to design. It is the language I will use to understand you, connect, and design with you.

Hope to meet you.

Ranim x

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About, Ranim Mortada