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Let’s talk about what we do, what our process is, and how we can work together. 

Most of us know what we wish for our homes and businesses. We dream of it, refine it and tweak ideas in our imagination. Sometimes, materializing this vision can feel daunting or unattainable. The practice of interior design enables a professional eye to fully appreciate your needs and translate your vision into a physical space. We bring in a process, offer our creativity, draw and share ideas that we present to you and we rely on our vast network of suppliers to source everything. 

We love to stay involved to oversee the execution of our shared vision until handover. When renovations are involved, we offer our project management services to oversee the construction works but we can alternatively hand over the reins to you with all the detailed information to implement the design. 

Interior design projects are personal, collaborative, and fun – we get to know each other so well, we inevitably become really good friends!

1. The Brief

Share your inspirations, visual references, details about your lifestyle and we’ll work with you to understand you and what you want the project to accomplish. We’ll ask you lots of questions, share imagery, and experiment with various directions until we are confident that we are aligned. 

Ranim Mortada Interior Design - Dubai UAE
2. The Concept Board

If you were to replace words with imagery – it’s the concept board. A successful concept board awakens the senses, transports you and effectively communicates what we want to achieve aesthetically. It sets the tone for the entire project. 

Ranim Mortada Interior Design - Dubai UAE
3. Technical Drawings

Floor layout: defining the flow and what goes where; we look at your space from the very top. It’s about comfort, logic, and functionality. This is a crucial part of the project and we work diligently on it.

Elevations: this means verticals, and shows everything we see in the space if we are standing in it; from where the doors and windows are, to how cabinets look and how we’ll curate the art. 

More technical drawings depict exactly what contractors, joinery, and all makers what to build, where to paint, and all applicable details.

Ranim Mortada Interior Design - Dubai UAE
4. Furniture & Sample Boards

We produce presentations that help to define the styles of furniture, finishes, and fittings. Collating all the visuals we like helps all of us involved in the project to see the space clearly. Once we are happy with our visual on paper, we source physical samples. We show you colors, fabrics, and textures. It’s one of the most creative and fun parts of the whole process. 

Ranim Mortada Interior Design - Dubai UAE
5. Specification sheets (The Shopping List)

We compile detailed lists which include sizes, sources and prices of the selected furniture and finishes. Specification sheets are our way of organising and grouping all the necessary information we need to ensure we are sourcing what we need efficiently. It’s a shopping list and we are happy to go and make purchases so that you don’t have to! 

Ranim Mortada Interior Design - Dubai UAE

This helps us to remain on track with costs and ensure all our decisions are in line with our pre-agreed budgets. We maintain a record of all the steps we take and provide you with updates at each phase of the project. 

Ranim Mortada Interior Design - Dubai UAE

3D renders are brilliant visuals but they are a time-consuming endeavour and incur high costs. We develop basic 3D renders at the start of the process to help us understand space and volume. Upon request, we can develop more realistic adaptations as we progress and make final decisions. 

Ranim Mortada Interior Design - Dubai UAE

This is when we get organized: as we oversee the execution we are sourcing, communicating what to build, chasing people, picking pieces up. In this part of the process, we are checking and double-checking, problem-solving, and making sure our initial ideas are coming to life exactly as we want them to. It’s an exciting time and leads up to the ultimate joy of completed space.

Ranim Mortada Interior Design - Dubai UAE
9. THE Final outcome

You know it, the vision becomes reality. We made it and we grew together doing it.

Ranim Mortada Interior Design - Dubai UAE

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