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The Art Does Not Need To Match The Sofa

Dubai - United Arab emirates

The Art Does Not Need To Match The Sofa

Residential, Living Room, Art

Dubai – United Arab emirates

Inspired by the client’s love and appreciation for art, we worked closely together to create a family home to showcase and enjoy their curated art collection, an open space that feels serene, and lots of indoor/ outdoor space for the girls to play. A real balance of minimalism, eclectic mixes, and warmth is achieved in this classic Jumeirah villa.

“What is wonderful about working with Ranim is that she really listens to the desires of the client and never attempts to impose “her style” on her clients. If you work with her you have the guarantee of working with someone who is fully committed to what you’re looking for. She will relentlessly go after multiple quotes, make suppliers restart from scratch (Eg on a piece of furniture) if it’s not perfectly to her high standards. Finally, she will go above and beyond, always thinking about small additions, other areas of the house where she can help”
Margaux Constantin