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"When I decided to redecorate my house I knew I was looking for someone with the right energy to work with. My first impressions of Ranim were that she’s a very calm and warm soul. And I feel like that reflects in her work. She views things with such positivity and passion that its fun to watch and work with. Her dedication to her work and the hours that she puts in are commendable and all with utmost professionalism. Ranim managed to understand my vision for my home and accurately brought it to life. All the while making the process seamless. She challenged my views where she should have and encouraged me to push out of my comfort zone. And I must say I’m very happy with the results. She has created a space that truly reflects who I am and I cannot wait to share this space with friends and family! It’s been a pleasure working with you Ranim"
“I was so fortunate to work with Ranim Mortada on my entire home. I feel at home now for the first time in my life. Her beautiful designs and decorative details convey perfectly my mixed Danish-Lebanese culture and heritage along with my love of mid-century aesthetics. A very challenging brief to say the least. Ranim went above and beyond my expectations and stunned me with her creativity. It has been pure joy working with someone so professional and so talented.”
"Ranim Mortada Interior Design created a great room in our home that allows us to spend more time together as a family. The brief - Levantine meets New England with a modern twist - is a representation of our family. A challenge that Ranim accepted unconditionally as she guided us to choose each piece carefully and with purpose. She involved us in every decision cooperatively and offered guidance when necessary. We especially appreciated her sourcing objects from artisans that created unique pieces with care and attention. We look forward to future projects with Ranim."
“What is wonderful about working with Ranim is that she really listens to the desires of the client and never attempts to impose “her style” on her clients. If you work with her you have the guarantee of working with someone who is fully committed to what you’re looking for. She will relentlessly go after multiple quotes, make suppliers restart from scratch (Eg on a piece of furniture) if it’s not perfectly to her high standards. Finally, she will go above and beyond, always thinking about small additions, other areas of the house where she can help”
Margaux Constantin
The Art does not need to match the Sofa project. Dubai, 2021
When decoration turns into an experiential activity it turns out to be unique! We started with an idea and fine-tuned it as we were implementing it with lots of listening, proposing new colors and materials. We made sure to respect the budget and used the best combination of colors, materials, and pre-existing furniture to create a fun, relaxing, and yet elegant Teens Hang-out! It was supposed to be Adam’s Hang-out and finally, the whole family loves to hang out in this space watching a movie, connect and chill. Everything was carefully thought of in details and perfectly implemented! I Highly recommend Ranim’s input and refined taste. When there is passion there is a way! Thank you.

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